Press Release of KP Judicial Academy Peshawar

“One Day National Seminar on Case Management and Summary Judgment        Rules (Amendment in CPC)”

Peshawar (Dated 18th April 2017)

                  One Day National Seminar on Case Management and Summary Judgment Rules (Amendment in CPC) held at KP Judicial Academy Peshawar. Chief  Justice PHC , Justice Yahya Afridi , District Judges, senior  lawyers , members of the rules committee (PHC) Justice Rohulamin Khan , justice Qalandar Ali and Justice Muhammad Ibrahim member of Islamabad high court rules committee, officers of  Punjab , Sindh ,Baluchistan  and Federal Judicial Academies , officials of Law and Justice Commission, Additional Secretary law KP and other stakeholders of  law and Justice sector  participated in the Seminar.

Dean Faculty, KP Judicial Academy, Khuwaja Wajihuddin  said that  the methodology of  the seminar was participatory , Interactive and Recommendatory. He said, that Clogged  system of administration of justice in the country needs revamping . Increased litigation together with the delaying tactics have literally suffocated the system. In a state that cannot even structure a system that at least pretends to uphold the legal equality of citizens, everyone will seek power for self-protection. Such a system is the antithesis of  rule of law.

He stated that systems that do not improve with changing circumstances are destined to collapse. There is a need to apply structural and managerial solutions to make the adjudication of the cases efficient, hence the need of law that would help to achieve that goal.

While stating  the background  and Scope of the Seminar Dean Faculty said that Vide SRO 1038(I)/2016, The Government of  Pakistan issued a statutory notification whereby the Islamabad High Court  invited  objections and suggestions on the proposed case management and summary judgment rules (Amendment in Civil Procedure Code). He said the Methodology of  the seminar was the amendments aspires to create a procedural “ Work Station” wherein all the proceedings are regulated by the presiding officers in a consultative discourse designed to curb delay and defeat adversarial tactics of the parties. This work station as an instrument of case management has the ability to deal with many aspects of the case on the some occasion.

While discussing the aims and objectives of  the Seminar Director General KP Judicial Academy, Muhammad Masood Khan  Said that its aim is to  provide a platform on initiating academic discourse on the matter in question and to encourage discussion by the legal fraternity on the proposed reforms. He said that forming recommendation for consideration and  promulgation of rule-based regime for case flow management along with development of a single comprehensive document that contains all revised and new case flow management frameworks and rules in a consolidated form was also its aim and objective.

Participants during their discussion said that we as a nation need to understand that without a functional and effective rule of law we might not be able to preserve and protect what we already have. The imminent threat of quick decision making by non-state actors is looming large. Transforming behaviour, mindsets and renovating  conduct is likely to be resisted. But we have no alternative  but to be more proactive in the dispensation of justice for benefit of people of this country. A dysfunctional justice system is the root cause of lots of wrongs in this state and society. Hence to survive, we need a system of adjudicating disputes that is fair, expeditious and efficient. At the end after detail discussion of  the participants a detail recommendation were prepared and soon will be sent to Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court.

DG KP Judicial Academy Muhammad Masood Khan  also present souvenir  to the participants of the Seminar.


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